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Engine Build
Chuck you were asking about the enging spec on the Mach.
I am running a MSD 6AL box w/ a pro billit distributer and a Blaster SS coil. A Torker 351 intake, and a Holly 750 DP, Engine bored .040 over with SRP pistons, An Isky 280 mega hydraulic cam .323 .565 280 232@.050 with 108 lobe seperation. A 2500 10" stall, C6 w/reverse valve body, spool with 456 gearing.

drive it like you stole it
Jim, You have a decent selection of parts. As I said earlier (at least I think it was your car), the cam is not what I'd pick but it still should work OK. The MSD distributors come with insanely strong springs that do not allow the mechanical advance to come in when it should. Did you change the springs to the lighter ones supplied? With your gear I'd try to have everything in by about 2600 RPM. Have you checked the advance with a timing light? Did you get a chance to try flashing the convertor? What is the LIST number on the 750 and what is the calibration (jets, PVs, pump nozzles, pump cams)? What is the ET and MPH again? Chuck
What heads and compression ratio are you running?

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
I am running CJ open chamber at 10.5:1 ratio with Harln Sharp roller rockers.

drive it like you stole it
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