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Ok so I replaced to starter solenoid, ignition switch, and the regulator for the altnernator, I had a issue in tue past where the car wouldn't shut off. Well the issues just happened again and idk why. I was trying to adjust the idle because it idles insanely high and it happened again where it wouldn't shut off. Smoke started coming from what seemed like the valve covers but idk exactlt where and I also noticed that the alternator light came out? Any thought or fixes
Stock points or electronic ignition?

What did you do right before this started happening the first time?

Do you have a volt meter?

Link to my 72 Q code: pics added 2/16/19

Link to my now sold 72 H.O

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I have ponts that I've never messed with. And I really didn't mess with anything the first time all I replaced was the fuel pump and alternator, the first time it happened the starter was still engaging and it grinded all the teeth off of it, then I replaced the starter and all that other stuff. But that's all I can think of!
u got a wiring issue somewhere. engine still running with key off the points are getting power somewhere. electrical issues are mostly a pain... troubleshooting. all the items u replaced are pretty much plug n play... so recheck. u just might have gotten a bad sw.
If you have a bad voltage regulator it can make the keep running when the key is turned off.

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