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Electrical Question
I need a bit of advice. I am swapping out my current radio for a new Retro Sounds version. The new one needs a constant power source while the current radio runs on accessory power only. I have read most people tap into the cigarette lighter. But I can’t figure out how to get to it without pulling the dash which I really don’t want to do. Is there another power source I could tap into? If I pulled out the console could I use the power running to the clock? Is there a way to go straight to the fuse block and tap into a wire there? How about the wires running to the lights under the dash that come on when the door opens?

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You don't need to make the connection at the cigarette lighter. Find the wire and connect to it, the same with the clock wire, dome light wire, or other wires that are hot all the time. Just make sure the wire is protected by a fuse. Go to the Mustang Data tab at the top of the page and download the wiring diagrams for your car, so you can find and identity which wires you can use.

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The cigar lighter is fairly easy to get to, no need to remove the dash. You could also find a fuse that is hot all the time and use one of the fuse taps to get power.


The clock feed is hanging under the dash by the climate control. It should be a three position connector and the full time clock power feed is the light green w/yellow stipe wire.

If you have the accessory feed that comes up across the P/S tower brace and goes through the firewall, there is a yellow thee terminal plug hanging under the dash. It has full time power and a circuit breaker at the starter solenoid. A standard bullet connector fits fine. The plug inside the car looks like the one in the pic below.

[Image: 1363898158_f.jpg]

Or a 25 cent piece of metal

[Image: 766_EA99_C_6010_4_E08_937_B_2_A12_ABBAFFF2.png]
Thanks guys for the information. I appreciate your responses.

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