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electrical issues
Hey guys does any one have or had issues with the fuel gauge and dash lights not working, if they are unrelated then what wires do I test that go from the light switch to the cluster. Just want to test the switch. And how would you suggest to diagnose the fuel gauge. I know what I would do on a new car. But many things could be the issue with forty year old wiring and conponants. I don't have a good wiring diagram and trying to use the one on the site with my mobile phone is not working great.

This is more than a hobby, its a Passion, its a way of life.
Here is a thread on how to check out the fuel gauge


All of the wiring diagrams can be found up top under the "data" tab
also there are several threads on here on the light switch. Just use the search feature above and punch in light switch and it will pull up all the threads with those key words
The two problems are definitely unrelated, unless the dash cluster connector or circuit card is bad.

To test the fuel gauge, simply turn the key to ACC, remove the sending wire plug at the tank, and briefly ground the wire. If the gauge works, it should peg high. Don't leave the sending wire shorted for any length of time.

The dash lights may be due to a bad fuse, a bad headlight switch, the headlight switch not turned to the proper direction, or a bad ground.

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Any one have a fuse diagram

This is more than a hobby, its a Passion, its a way of life.
Theres one in the data section of this site

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