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Electric power steering pump ?

Is it possible to use an Electric pump instead with the stock Power steering gearbox ? Does the pump have to match some pressure or can I just use whatever Electric pump I could find ?

regards Rob

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ESP is on demand and doesn't need a lot of amps on small turns. I would think a electric pump need far more amps to reach 700/800 psi. I'm kind of sold on the ESP idea if I was to do it over. One less pulley to turn using engine power and is adjustable to how much assist you would like.
Yes, such systems are available and are called electrically powered hydraulic steering (EPHS). Here's an example:


There are also electric power assisted systems (EPAS or EPS) available:


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Thanks, but thoose system if I get it right are full systems with rack and pinion etc, My Idea was to swap out the original pump to an Electric. But how strong does the pump need to be ?

For knowing your limit you have to pass it thumb
Toyota, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mazda, and others have been using electric power hydraulic steering pumps for some time. You can find them at wrecking yards and on eBay. Here's an article that might help:

With a little online research you should be able to find how much psi they produce.

Our gearboxes probably need 800 or so psi for full assist. I believe that our engine driven pumps put out around 1,200 psi.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Great Thanks thumb

For knowing your limit you have to pass it thumb
I was thinking the same route. If there is an electric pump that could be mounted in or around the stock location but eliminate the belt and still use the stock steering box.

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- Jason

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With EPAS you don't need to convert to a rack. You just need a manual steering box and adapt the steering column.

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Toyota MR 2 pump might work, you can mount it anywhere as long as you can get the hoses to the box

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I was driving one of our curvy roads here with gal friend one day in her Honda when a light came on the dash. We looked it up in owners manual the Electric Power Steering had overheated, lol. They didn't plan for all those curves.
I worked on electric power brakes when in automotive world. Don't know if they ever came out or not. The cost goes down when they do these systems but they raise the price and screw the consumer. Fewer parts easier to assemble way less cost but jack the price.
Just go with manual steering and you don't have to worry about the pump or lost HP. You never notice extra effort except if you are parallel parking which is never.

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