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@#$$#@$@ Edelbrock Carb issue
So about a year and a half ago I bought a Edelbrock Thunder AVS 650 CFM carb (after I called edelbrock to confirm) to replace the original after a carb job by a 'pro' basically rendered the old carb useless.  Two girls later I finally have some 'dad' time to get the carb on the car, get some spark cables and distributor cap replaced and replace the fuel system from tank to carb.  I fire it up and it starts running. Start working with the curb idle etc and take it out for a spin.. nothing when I stand on it.. in fact it backfires... 

I bring it back.. look at everything and finally figure out the @#$%@#$ secondaries are binding.. I cant get the secondaries to swing open past the intake manifold.. looks like they won't fit.. Has anyone been able to get the edelbrock to work?  I bought the 1805 based on the phone call to Edelbrock.....

Sorry to hear of the problems.  Is the drag due to the linkage on the carb or due to the throttle plates dragging on the intake bore?  Are you running a spread bore intake or a straight bore?

If the throttle plates are hitting the intake I know there is a spacer sold that can help with that.  It has a slight taper to the holes to allow the throttle plates to clear.  I think there is also a thick gasket that can do the same thing.

I have only used Autolite or Holley, so I don't have any experience with the Edelbrock.

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No experience with Edelbrock carbs either, but yes the problem is you need a spacer. In that regard I do have some experience. Not knowing what engine and year, I'm assuming it's a Cleveland. These intakes have a heat cross-over passage from the exhaust to the carb base which was fine for the original Autolite carb, but not so for any aftermarket. I chose to remove the intake and block off those passages, but a quick fix is to thread and insert 5/16" set-screws in the holes at the corners of the passage, but use grease on your tap so 'junk' doesn't get into the engine. See pics. Fel-Pro make a gasket with a metal insert between the two layers of paper. At the very least, you'll need one of these first, then I'd add an insulated spacer at least a 1/4" thick, thicker the better to isolate the heat from the carb, stopping fuel vaporization. This will take care of the throttle plates not opening as well.
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