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Eastwood chassis black in gloss. Duh!!
After spending the week working on my engine bay and finally painting it today I learned the hard way that there is a gloss version of Eastwood chassis black. Now I needed sand it down again and do it with satin. Are there any short cuts to this? Does It scuff easier if I hit it sooner then later? Any suggestions are always appreciated.
just scuff it with scotch brite and wipe it with wax & greaser remover, read the can for when to recoat instruction.

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Brad Smith
Sometimes you can cut the gloss down to a satin finish by rubbing the paint with coarse paper, such as a paper bag. Try it...you can't lose.

Let me check your shorts!

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midlife;156031 Wrote:Sometimes you can cut the gloss down to a satin finish by rubbing the paint with coarse paper, such as a paper bag. Try it...you can't lose.

I had some good luck with dulling down gloss with some rubbing compound.


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Not sure why you can't just spray a coat of the satin right on top...no sanding required. It would just be another top coat and don't know why that would create any problems at all.

Hi sd,

Which type of Eastwood product did you use exactly, single pak or two pak paint?

If you used single pak, there's no need to sand or scuff at all.(unless you want to remove any nibs in your last finish.) Just spray over with the satin version, making sure suface is clean and contamination free.Your new satin will key in 100%.

If you used the 2pak version, you will need to thouroughly sand or scour pad down the entire surface so your fresh satin 2pak will key in and stick properly.(wet&dry sandpaper around 1000 grit or grey scotchbrite pad sanded wet) Sooner or later for sanding does not matter,because once 2pak paint goes off and hardens, you will have to sand up or dull off the surface to paint it again. An air dynabrade sander or equivelent, will take a lot of the hard work out of this process.

Reference -------------------


Hope that helps,


I was informed that I would need to spray it in the next day or two before it fully cures. The problem is it will take a week to get paint from Eastwood. I have a call into there tech line some I might be able to find out more.
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