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Dynamat the only option?
Think I’m going with lizard skin inside What do you all use under the car? Just paint? I heard of some using Raptor liner. Just wondering if I can clear over it so it don’t collect dirt as much.

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I've been contemplating this issue for some time, and have a couple of rolls of Peel and Seal from Lowe's in my workshop waiting to be applied. However, I came across this today, comes out to be about $1 a square foot, downside is not self adhesive.

You hear decent reviews about LizardSkin, just exorbitantly expensive. I like the concept, no way for moisture to get under it like there is with stick on foil faced insulation. There are a lot of people making their own, using latex based paint and adding glass and/or ceramic microspheres to it , in a 1:1 ratio, with mixed results.

So, I'm now thinking about using some homemade LizardSkin as the base with foil on top. The microspheres, also called micro-balloons, aren't very expensive, and mixed paint mistakes are cheap at Lowe's, an undercoating spray gun is around $25. Some folks have also used the latex based elastomeric sealants mixed with the beads. LizardSkin is a latex based product mixed with the microspheres, glass for sound, and ceramic for heat.

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Home made lizard skin hmmm.
Lizard skin is a bit too expensive for most people. As Don stated above it is fairly easy to make your own using ceramic micro-spheres mixed 50/50 with preferably a latex paint but I just used a gallon of enamel that was a mismatch for $20. Sprayed it through a schutz gun but reckon you could brush it on. All up about $120 compared to over $500 for the Lizard Skin. I also added some aftermarket adhesive sound insulation that was half the price of Dynamat and frankly can't see what the difference is.
I haven't driven my vehicle prior to doing the above so can't comment on before/after but do believe it will make a difference and should give some heat insulation as well as sound deadening. I did take my vehicle for its first drive a while back and happy to say that while it is quiet when coasting but once the lead foot is applied it certainly growls!
At the time I used it a couple yrs. ago. I went 1/2 on the gun with someone else. The gun is O.K
at best. I also used a bedliner gun for some of it. I used sound and heat controll. along with their mil gauge. I don't really keep track of cost on my own cars. (that gives me some deniability to you know who) but doing floors and the fire wall with both sound and heat controll. roof, doors, with heat controll and trunk with the left over sound controll. I doubt I spent near 500.00, and if I did in my opinion spray on has so many advantages over stick,down matt it would be worth it, espessially as far as trapped moisture goes
I've pulled dyna matt out of floors that were full of water bubbles under the paint. Maybe a different climate than Florida wouldn't be as bad with the Matt. Now you got me thinking about making some for my Chevelle. Thanks for the idea.
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