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Dynamat the only option?
I bought a box of the 3M mat from O'Reilly.  OEM Quality, and affordable. Cheap by the box and it covered everything I wanted with material left over.


As stated above, you don't need to cover everything.  Be strategic.  The Firewall and toe board, the tranny tunnel, the inner rear quarters, and the lower part of the door skin.  These are areas the factory used deadner to knock the noise down.  Also order the factory style carpet underlay.  That is the 71 through 73 version of Dynomat that is really cheap and pre-cut from your favorite parts vendor.

Vibration dampening and sound insulation (deadening)are not the same thing. The better you seal all of it the quieter it will be. That is why it is recommended to tape all the seams and gaps. Thats one advantage of spray on products. Also dynomat type products can also trap moisture. An epoxy primer, especially something like axalta corlar epoxy mastic is a good thing to use under mat products.
I used a combination of home made lizard skin using a bag of ceramic spheres mixed in with some cheap enamel paint, a generic mat 1/3 price of Dynamat and some underlay under the carpet.
Looks like I will have to open the windows now to hear the wonderful V8 sound but at least my feet won't burn when I drive around bare foot in the summer!
I used Lizard skin. You get more bang for the buck. The mat will not get in all the cavity's. It made the bear shell way more solid sounding when closing the doors. It reduced the oil canning in the roof as well.

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- Mike
I used X-Mat from Eastwood. 36 sq ft for around 90 bucks. But to cover the whole car (Convertible) I needed 2 boxes 72 sq ft.

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
For what little time I am in the car I do not do anything special. The cowl insulation is always bad so I did buy some stick on foam foil insulation off ebay was China made, way cheaper and sticks great. I just did the cowl. For the floor I went to our local upholstery cloth shop and got the 1/2" under carpet material made for cars, like felt. I don't thing it is worth the time and effort to do all that. Each to his own.

[Image: CAM-0064.jpg]

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
(04-05-2019, 10:47 AM)Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs Wrote: For what little time I am in the car I do not do anything special. .........Each to his own.

I think you hit the nail on the head.......... 

I try to drive mine 50 miles (1 to 1-1/2 hours) each way back and forth to work at least once a week during spring / summer /fall (and whenever I can, weather permitting, winter. Mostly don't drive because of the salt on the roads ) . Half the trip is back roads, suburbs, and half the trip is highway 70 mph (I get passed a lot doing 70, speed limit is 55 or 65 but nobody does that ) during rush hour traffic. 

I'm doing everything possible to make the ride more enjoyable Smile 

I'll have a couple new threads (or maybe just post in "what did you do to your car today) for 2 new projects that are in que.

73 ragtop, 1999 Mustang Bright Atlantic Blue Paint, Phoenix Engine 302-335HP,  Edelbrock Carb & Performer manifold; c4 with 2000 stall and shiftkit; 3:55 auburn limited slip differential, Hedman shorties; Car Chemistry Exhaust

Classic Air; Tilt Steering Wheel; 1999 Chrysler Sebring bucket Seats ; power windows;
This was recommended by a friend. It is what I plan to use in the next few weeks.


73 conv. 460, D0VE large valve heads, Performer RPM manifold, Voodoo 227/233 cam, Holley 950 HP carb, C6 trans, 3.25 trak-loc.
Regarding DynaMat…...Just my experience here, but I used to work at a Mustang shop here in the San Fernando Valley in L.A. The shop had a customer who took his "65 fastback COMPLETELY apart for us to do a rotisserie restore. After the body shell was cherried, inside , outside, underneath, and the paint and bodywork was finished, we DynaMatted every single square inch of the interior....we're talking insides of doors, under the headliner, everything 100% from tail light panel to firewall . Of course, the ususal high performance engine, headers, and large exhausts were installed. When all was done and the car was test driven...….it was a little quieter inside, but really, not worth the extensive time and cost. That thing should have been more impressive that it was. I took away from this experience this......want your car pleasing inside? Don't hard polyurethane every thing from suspension to engine/trans mounts. Don't go for the gnarliest exhaust system and MagnaFlow style noise makers. You can't really have a race style car , and expect miracles.

I used Gladen, rather expensive but great results :-)

[Image: 20181023-185749.jpg]

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