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Dynacorn seat platforms
CJPonyparts has  71-73 seat platforms by dynacorn part numbers; 3648NE and 3648NF. They have them listed as coupe/fastback. From what I have read on this website is that coupe versus fastback are different heights. So a few days ago I posted a question on cjponyparts inquiring as to whether or not they will have to be modified for a fastback. Today I notice there is a response that I believe to be in error, from what I've learned on here. The answer was "No, they are the same from coupe to fastback."

So I went to Dynacorns website and they do not have a description of their part but they are listed "seat platform RH (LH) 71-73 FB". So I sent them a message asking the same question and also asked for dimensions for height on their product.

We are a couple months from the bodyshop and it is unknown at this time if the original platforms can be saved. I'm just trying to get educated on correct parts and how much in parts we will be spending (as close as I can figure).

Has anyone used the current offering of seat platforms from Dynacorn?

Hey Brett,

The ones from CJ Pony Parts are for Coupes & 'Verts only.  I ordered a set back in 2012 when I was replacing my floor pans, and wound up basically taking them apart and cutting about an inch or so off the height so they'd fit in my Mach 1.  My floors and seat platforms were so bad they weren't worth saving.

Hopefully, the Dynacorn pieces are actually for the Sportsroofs (fastbacks), rather than just a redo of the same ones from CJPP.

Keep us posted with what you find out - thanks for doing this.  thumb


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
I received a reply from Dynacorn:

Hello Brett,
Our seat platforms are for the fastback.22.5 x 16.50 x 3.50 hope this helps

Thank you
James Liapis
Sales Manager

Dynacorn International, LLC.
Dynacorn Classic Bodies, LLC.
4030 Via Pescador, Camarillo, CA 93012
P: (805)987-8818 | F: (805)388-0786
IG: @dynacornllc
FB: Dynacorn International, LLC | Dynacorn Classic Bodies

My reply:

Thanks James! I appreciate your time.

I am currently at the beginning stages of restoring my wife's 1972 Mach 1. My previous experience has been with Camaro's. So I have been doing as much research prior to undertaking the current project as I can. From information that I have been able to gather from many 1971-73 Mach 1 Mustang restorers the seat platforms for a coupe versus a fastback differ in height by a large margin. I have gathered most of my information from the website 7173mustangs.com.

On CJPonyParts.com they sell your seat platforms as a coupe/fastback platform. That as far as I can tell is very incorrect from the information I've read on the aforementioned Mustang forum. Coupe seat platforms are too tall for a fastback.

Measuring the actual height of the platform is difficult to be sure, due to its shape(s). According to my measurement in the 1972 Mach 1 (fastback) that is in my shop, the tallest measurement I can take is approximately 2.5". Far shorter than 3.5" of your platform. There is no possible measurement that could be taken on the platforms installed from Ford in my wife's 72 Mach 1 that would approach 3.5".

According to those that have restored Mach 1's and other reputable parts vendors, nobody manufactures a seat platform suitable without modifications to fit a 1971-73 fastback mustang.

I am happy to discover that Dynacorn is the sole manufacturer of a correct full floor pan for the 1971-73 Mustang, as we will be purchasing one from a vendor. Prior to that restorers had to modify a 64-69 full floor to fit.

So I'll leave it at that and may I implore you to contact those on the forum 7173mustangs.com to help Dynacorn make the correct part. Another good person that I have recently discovered to discuss what works and what does not for this vintage of Mustang is Don from Ohio Mustang Supply, as he is an active participant in the restoration forums, helping us in the 71-73 Mustang community.

Again thank you for your time.

....and even the manufacturer doesn't know what they're making. Whooda thunk that...

Brett the diii platforms are correct for fastbacks.
They come with the complete floor assembly
Or I have them separately

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
Augh!  All these cool new 'correct' replacement parts for our cars... just a few years after I did mine "the hard way."  Inner & out cowl pieces, seat platforms, quarter/trunk extensions, et al.  Glad to see it all come along finally... just bummed about having to cut up a perfectly restorable '72 Sportsroof in order to get mine back together.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Well I'll be dipped! I guess I owe the Dynacorn sales manager a sincere apology. I feel like an ee-dee-ot!

Thanks Don! We shall be placing our order with OMS in the near future.
I'd guess installed height once attatched to trans tunnel, floor and rocker panel "shrinks" down from the manufacturers listed height of 3.5".

My self described condition PMD (precision measurement disorder) has me replaying the images in my grey matter of my attempt to measure the old crusty platforms in my wife's Mach 1 and it causes a involuntary wrinkling of my brow, scratching of my head, followed by a guttural "huh?"




precision measurement disorder

a complex disorder caused from years of working with precision machined, tight toleranced aircraft grade parts or components. Including but not limited to the maintenance of airframes and powerplants that operate at altitudes exceeding 35000 feet. Of which the standards, set forth by the manufacturers maintenance manuals and specifications approved by a governmental intrusion (err institution, ie. FAA), that at times are measured out to four decimal places (0.0001).

This disorder manifests itself in several possible conditions which may include all or part as follows; the inability to construct or modify anything made of wood without undue frustration and involuntary cursing (a 2X4 is not 2.0000X4.0000 inches), forget about particle board. Household plumbing is avoided at all costs, period. The least serious condition is the inability to comprehend an automotive engineers design intentions or the almost careless assembly by automotive manufacturers. If monitiored and limited, automotive work can be enjoyable such as; daily drivers can be maintained without loss of control of mental faculties as long as the occurences of maintenance events is infrequent. Restoration or the general maintenance of automobiles of a preferred vintage can be tolerated as well, mild frustration can be tolerated if reason is instituted that the work performed is being accomplished on something that is antiquated technology that was never meant to fly at 35000 feet. When frustration arises from the maintenance of anything automotive, one who suffers from PMD is often heard uttering the phrase "good thing auto manufacturers and engineers don't have a damn thing to do with airplanes, cuz they'd be crashing all the time!"

Ultimately someone suffering from PMD is fascinated with tooling that is of high quality, measuring devices of all kinds are almost worshipped (especially if measurement capabilities are as small as 0.0001 of an inch) and likely have a special and protected area for storage. Manuals for maintaining anything mechanical are collected and adored. Precision rules the life of someone with PMD.

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I'm not sure where James from DII got the 3 1/2 measurement - but that seems a bit high
(10-06-2019, 07:51 AM)OMS Wrote: I'm not sure where James from DII got the 3 1/2 measurement - but that seems a bit high

Yes it does and I'm mildly perplexed. But, as you said they fit.

I haven't been a member of this forum long. But I have read enough posts via search function that I've started to recognize posters that know this vintage of Mustang well and find their input very useful, since I know very little about Mustangs. Your input is one I value. Not posterior kissiing here, just an observation of what I've read.

The full floor pan that you stock as you mentioned comes with the platforms, are they already installed on the floor pan?

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