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dual quad
Anyone know if there is a dual quad intake for a 351C 4v.
Dual quad tunnel ram, yup, have an Offenhauser on my parts shelf. Have a pair of 660 center squirters to go with it....

FYI, i'll get to that taillight harness tonight, have some free time for the garage.
(12-02-2010, 12:51 PM)coilwire Wrote: Anyone know if there is a dual quad intake for a 351C 4v.

Seems like I remember one that was a low riser but for the life of me cant find it. I will look tomorrow in some of my files at work and see if its there.
According to Dan Jones, the Weiand tunnel ram was the only 2x4 intake made...

All of the intakes in blue in this link have pics so enjoy
Also not that the edelbrock air gap 2v will also work on the 4v heads great results.


[Image: a58hgh.jpg]
All dual quads will need to be milled down or to cut the hood...
When I was searching for my Cleveland i found one lowriser dual quad.

The Holley Strip Dominator would be your best choice.
Dan Jones tested everything and always the Strip D. was the best.

Best regards

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