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Dual Exhaust Kits - what fits?
Hello All, Happy New Year.

Between my originally inquiring and now, the end of the year slammed me at work, I had ordered and then cancelled the Pypes kit, and then was busy with the Holidays. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread,

Based on input here and elsewhere on the 'Net and in the world, I have purchased the 1970 Flowmaster kit and will give it a go for install. May need some tweaks to fit up completely, but it will give a better starting point as it has turndowns and hanging hardware, which would be extra cost for the other kit. I'll update how the install goes in the coming weeks.

Thank you again for this input, it is greatly appreciated.
Hello All,

i'm sorry I never updated this thread, life and everything that has to do with it so often gets in the way. I thought i'd get this done in February, heh, didn't happen until June and July. and I was still dealing with one portion into the Fall!

Anyway, I finally installed the Flowmaster 70-and-before system, fit is better than OK, worst part was having to work out where the muffler hangers went.

The instructions refer to landmarks in the pan that are close on a 71-73, so installed, propped and fit several times before drilling. Also, as I wanted to use band clamps, I added about 4 inches of tubing to the muffler end of the tailpipe to give the band clamp a place to work and still have a place for the hanger to be clamped.

Only concern is in the back by the fuel lines/sender, as the pipes seem to be very close to that area. However, I shielded it and check it for hose condition, and a tailpipe did go thru there from the factory, albeit a much smaller one.

The portion mentioned above that fought me? Connecting to the manifolds was exasperating, but I was using the original exhaust tubing and had to force it to cooperate with the rest of the system. It's decent now, maybe someday Ill do something better.

All said an done I like it, at first seemed too loud (gettin' old, heh), but it really makes the mild 351W in the car sound much more aggressive than it is. Oh well.

Best regards,
(11-28-2017, 08:57 AM)OMS Wrote: You should probably have one made locally since the car has a Windsor in it

A 70 non transverse system will be different over the axle and under the trunk area

Ditto.. I had a chrome one made to measure at my local exhaust center. Just make sure you get the crossover pipe fitted up the front end

1971 Grandé
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