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Dual Exhaust instead of Single Exhaust by 351 2V
Hi Historians,

on my 1973 Convertible with 351 2V Cleveland a dual Exhaust is installed. Here now the question.....

It gave 1973 from Ford, for 351 2V, instead of the single a Exhaust also alternatively the dual Exaust ?

Quasi as accessories, for example Magnum Wheels instead Standard Wheels.

Look here under "PARTS PRICES"

Thanks for Information.

Many Greetings from Heidelberg (Germany)


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I'm not one of the experts, but I believe the single exhaust was standard on all in '73 except for the 351-4V "Q" code. Probably anything could have been special ordered, but you'd need documentation to prove it. On the wheels, I believe the only option was the slotted mags. Mine is just the first opinion of the day.

The Q-code 351-4V engine was the only one in '73 to get a dual exhaust. Any good exhaust shop could have fabricated a dual exhaust to replace your original single.

Mustangs Unlimited has offered dual H-pipes for 302 and 351-2V engines for many years.


IIRC, these are made by Precision Exhaust, which is about fifteen minutes away from their CT location.

My 71 Grandé came with single exhaust. I put a twin exhaust on and the engine now breaths a lot better now not to mention the sound has improved vastly

1971 Grandé

As others have correctly said, 73 models came with single exhaust which was installed and exited on the passenger side of the car. The only duals were on the Q code and I believe the tailpipe came with turn downs (no chrome exhaust tips and rear valence cut-outs).

My 73 351C 2v H-code had single exhaust from the factory. I added dual exhaust and chrome exhaust tips. When I installed my duals the car had the holes on the driver's side for installing the muffler and tailpipe hanger mounts but did not have the threaded inserts welded in the holes to accept the hanger bolts. I had to install them. I don't know if all the single exhaust cars were this way.

Magnum 500s were not available from the factory on 73 models.


1973 H Code Convertible - Medium Copper Metallic - June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
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The only change from original on my '73 vert is the addition of a factory style dual exhaust (see in pic) on the original H-Code engine. I purchased it from Precision Exhaust out of Connecticut. I had to have H-pipe bent out 1/2" to get it to line up to the exhaust manifolds, but otherwise, the system is a perfect fit. They have the original tooling set up to match the factory bends... I still have the original 2V H-pipe in storage. They also did my J-Code vert dual exhaust (which was standard on the car in '71).

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The exhaust on the 73 has been reviewed several times.
What has been stated is true there were no dual exhaust except for the Q code and there were no chrome extensions or cut outs in the rear valance.
For there to be multiple selections for exhaust there would have to be a box on the build sheet and there is not one. Exhaust was established by the engine installed 250 6 cyl, 302 V-8, 351 H code and 351 Q code.
If there were multiple valance panels for either turn down exhaust or chrome extensions there would have to be a code on the Buck Tag since the valance was installed before paint.
This is a shot of the original factory exhaust on my Q code Mach 1 I am working on.
I have two H code verts and both had dual exhaust added along with headers lots of suppliers make them.

[Image: DSC-0938.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0939.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0940.jpg]

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Hello Guys,

thanks for the detailed descriptions.

Good start into the new week.

Greetings from Heidelberg


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