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Driver Side Plastic Dash End Piece
looking for a driver side plastic dash end piece, part #D1ZB-6504393-AWA.
What color would you like?

Thanks from MotorCity Mustang!
I have a black one. I'll have to check to see which side it is for. I'm sure someone will have one for you.

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Ford called the part your looking for a "Finish End Panel" for the instrument panel. Part number is D1ZZ-6504393-A. It was a seldom needed or replaced part so by 1979 it was discontinued. It was used from 71-73 on all body style Mustangs, so if you can find any 71-73 parts cars in your area you could source one from them. To my knowledge is not a reproduced part. You could check with Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply or Mike @ Motor City Mustang as they both have parts cars and may be able to help you. If not, maybe someone here might have one in a parts stash. Good Luck with your search.


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