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Driver's door glass adjustment
1972 sports roof. The driver's door glass hits the small metal bracket (?) for the roof rail seal just where the window starts to curve down on the forward edge. I have to roll the window down a bit to keep it from hitting the metal bracket. I thought that possibly the bracket was bent down and that is why it was hitting, but it looks similar to the pax door. I have searched and found lots of info on quarter windows, but nothing on the front roll up windows. The pax door is fine, and strangely enough, it's from a different car. Can anyone direct me to a website with step by step adjustment procedures? I am assuming I will end up replacing some worn parts too..............Thanks
Need to adjust both of mine too-I'll be watching this thread

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

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I don't have he formal adjustment guide, but I do have a suggestion.

On the bottom edge of the door, the vertical tracks have an inboard/outboard adjustment. Try setting the bottom of the tracks farther to the outside of the door. Don't adjust anything else and see if that lets you clear the blow out clip. Second option is to lower the forward "up-stop". Ever so slightly to get the front of the window to top out a little sooner.

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