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Drive to the 55
Well I never saw anyone from the forum at the event, lol. It was a bunch of mustangs for sure. I will not post pics now but will later if they are any good.
Was there for the opening of the museum was one of the first 500 so got to go in first. The 73 Mach 1 had a pretty good place. The front row was a one owner 1964 1/2 coupe then Carol Shelby's Black Hornet and then my Mach 1 so not hidden in the corner for sure. They would not let us put out our story boards and that sucked. It puzzled the people coming in. They wanted to know more. The management of the museum said if there was information people would spend too long looking.
So finally on Saturday after I went to Daniel Carpenter and told him how people were asking why there was not more info they allowed us to put info out.
I have lots of pics and video but I think my camera was on the blink. I have not looked at the pic on computer I am beat. I had no way to get on the forum while there.
The record attempt was a flop. Even if there were enough cars the gaps were not allowed to be more than 2 car lengths and when some got on the high banks of the track they freaked out and were way too far apart. So Mexico still has the record at over 960.
On Saturday we did get 3 laps to play and I did video the laps. I think we hit around 90 mph. I had to drive video and could not read it all, lol.
There were several 71-73 maybe 10 in all but for sure not many. In the museum there was mine and a 71 429 and that was it.
I did talk Daniel Carpenter out of one of his showroom banners for the 1973 is does have some stains but first one I have seen.
It will be several days before video can be posted. The agreement with the museum is very limiting at what can be posted anywhere without being taken to court. They say not even on facebook.
I did meet people from Europe and Mexico that I had been in touch with but nobody from the forum. I was there from Monday until today.
I am beat going to hit the bed.
At least there were two 71 - 73 in the first opening of the MOM. If you want to display contact the MOM and they will let you know.
Met lots of interesting people and have one person in Texas that will probably buy several of my cars.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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