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Dream Car
Ok, just for fun.  If you could have any car given to you, what would you wish for?

Myself, I've always wanted a 1969 Shelby convertible.  Small block, grabber orange with black interior, black top and a  4 speed of course.

Ferrari 288 GTO

[Image: Ferrari-288-GTO-18.jpg]
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Ford Power!!   2006 Ford GT    The Texas Mile record holder is held by a 2006 Ford GT, driven by Patrick O'Gorman, clocking in at 300.4 MPH. The record-setting speed was achieved during the March 2019 Texas Mile event.

[Image: 2006-Ford-GT-2.jpg]


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
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1967 Saab Sonett II "two stroke"
I have WAY too many to list.  As much as I love that 288 GTO above, I think I'd be even happier with a 365 Daytona Spyder (and yes, I loved them LONG before Miami Vice came about).  But then there's always an F355 GTS... or a nice F40... or maybe even just a nice old 308 GTS... or how about a 250 GTO (Nah - I'd be too afraid to drive it since they're so rare).

[Image: DRS261J_1.jpg?timestamp=1589155200110]

But then there are Porsches.  The first one I ever rode in was a 928S.  911s are always cool - mine would have to be a little cooler than just the factory version, though.  I'd probably start with a '94 911 GT-2 and make it just a little cooler.  Still, I'd probably be plenty happy with an '80s 930 (to slant nose, or not to slant nose... that is the question):

[Image: 1981-porsche-930-turbo-outlaw-is-a-perfe...0357_1.jpg]

Let's not even get started on Lamborghinis.  I'll just take an '80s Countach LP-500 and call it good (black or red, of course).

[Image: Lamborghini_Countach_-_Flickr_-_exfordy_%282%29.jpg]

I also love movie cars... but this is my favorite (Coyote X from Hardcastle and McCormick).  Although a nice black '82 Trans Am with an LED scanner array across the nose would be cool, too.

[Image: ef9cef430204f7d480458ba26552cbff.jpg]

Again - WAY too many to list for me.  So, I'll just stick with the one in my signature graphic, since it's in my garage at the moment. Wink


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
GT-40,car 1, driven by Ken Miles at 1966 LeMans. Chuck
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1st is a 69 mercury cyclone spoiler, 428 cj ram air Cale Yarborough special.
2nd, 70 mustang boss 429

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I'd like a Pantera, GT40 kit car, or a Superbird/Daytona.

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I also have too many to list, so I'll just go with what I wanted "pre-drivers license". 1966 GT40, Pantera, Sunbeam Tiger, Boss 351 Mustang. I have the Boss and Tiger, will never be able to own a GT40 and have almost bought a Pantera several times, but they don't fit me very well. I'm outside the 5'9"-5'11" range they were designed for.
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Lamborgini Muira.
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