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Door Window and regulator question
Probably a dumb question but can the drivers side window and regulator be removed at the same time together? I picked up a couple 73 doors in great shape and am stripping them down to do rust removal and prevention on the inside and one of the nuts for rail at the window is stripped. Looking at it, I think they can both come out as a single unit together but its getting dark and I am unfortunately working outside with no garage. Thanks in advance and I appreciate any assistance.

Can you share pic I am a little lost. The window has rivets where bolted in 71 72 in the window. Not sure where you are looking. I did take 73 out without taking rivets out but did not know you could not do that, lol.

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Thanks for the reply David. I did some searching and found the thread that talked about the rivets. I think I may have been trying to get the stoppers out by mistake. I will take another look in the morning for the rivets and drill those out. I appreciate the quick response, and will post tomorrow if I run into issues.

On my 73 I was not able to remove the glass and regulator guide bracket together. Drilling the rivets out thru the door frame openings is a real PIA. I was constantly worried about the drill bit catching the glass behind the round plastic guides on the bracket and shattering the glass. In the end, it worked.

The stoppers on either end of the glass do not have to be removed. The rear stopper will come out thru the top of the door frame near the door lock opening and then slide the glass forward to locate the opening in the top of the door for the front stopper and lift it out.

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After taking another look at it, I was able to separate the window from the regulator and window guide and emove the window. There are no rivets on this one though, had 3 bolts. Door sticker says 6/73, maybe someone swapped all the components and/or glass out at one point for 71/72, who knows. I will take the door panel off of the passenger side later this week to compare. More to follow, thanks for all the help everyone.

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