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Door and Window Seals
How do I install them?! Should I use a glue or sealant? Or do they just pop in and are ready to go? I am not messing with the windshield or back glass, just the doors, windows, rails and trunk. Thanks for the insight.
Not sure, but I'm interested in the answer! I think glued in because if I remember right my stock ones were glued.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
I used the black weatherstrip glue from NAPA. Be careful with the stuff, its a PITA getting it off of your paint. Use tape to tape the weatherstrip in place until the glue sets.

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The belt on the doors have two screws with clips.
The 1/4 window belt has two clips one screw
The roof rail weather strip has one screw at the front and a .12"- to .19" bead of adhesive the entire lenght of the retainer out board side of retainer.
You have 3 min to get it i place or you have to use solvent to reactivate the adhesive
You need the proper adhesive for the foam rubber
Good info M, I'm sure Don @ OMS knows the right adhesive and all that. The factory assembly manuals probably have all the locations too (I just haven't dug into them yet, still dismantling it!).


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
I think MBeauchamp did a good job of giving you the info you need but here is a are a few pics. Hope it helps.

Door with seals removed.

.jpg   IMG_1443.jpg (Size: 15.95 KB / Downloads: 145)

I used 3M weatherstrip adhesive and agree with the other guys: can be messy and you might want to test run on an old piece to get an idea of tack time. After waiting too long on one I figured out the tack time and could press the door seal into place without it coming off.

.jpg   IMG_1445.JPG (Size: 24.67 KB / Downloads: 145)
Finished door seal:

.jpg   IMG_1454.jpg (Size: 25.86 KB / Downloads: 145)

Beltline felts old and new with view of clips:

.jpg   IMG_1450.JPG (Size: 15.03 KB / Downloads: 141)

The green clips on the beltline felts fit in the small oblong holes at the top of the door just below the black line in the this pic:

.jpg   IMG_1452.JPG (Size: 18.24 KB / Downloads: 141)
Make sure those beltline clips line up. What a PITA taking them back off when they dont. The 3m glue I got was black.

2011 Buick Regal
2010 Ford F150 Screw
2002 Triumph Trophy
1973 Dodge Challenger RT
1972 Mustang Grandé Coupe
1954 Ford F100
Here's a twist you guys may have dealt with: My door weatherstrip fits at both ends, but is about 3 inches too long...It droops way down in the middle, and I have to fold it over as in the 3rd photo to take up most of the slack. Wrong part, or am I missing something?

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Check out this thread for details on the problem. I just updated it with some more info:


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upload a photo on internet

Lets see the leading edge on the front of the door. Do you have it in the right spot? I thought mine was too long too but I didn't have it in the right spot. Also check Ole Pony's third pic finished door seal. You might not have the seal routed as per that picture which you need to do for it to fit right. That bottom curve is not obvious at first if you never had a seal on the door like mine which was missingSmile
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