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doo rpanel clips
I've replaced my deluxe door panels with ones from Mustang Market. Most of the holes line up but in some cases, the clip goes into the hole but doesnt really 'snap' into the hole. Are there different length clips? I'm wondering if I need longer ones.

Is there a difference between 'standard' and 'deluxe' door clips?

Has anyone fastened the door panel some other way? Maybe velcro?
All the clips are the same size on the deluxe and standard panels. Try rotating the clip 180%. It may slide in all the way and align better with the hole on the door.

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These are also hard to put back. Check if they have the same tension/arc, some can get squeezed by wrong prior installs and have not enough springyness in them to do the job. They first need be pressed and past half radius, then they "lock".
On my doors, with the original deluxe panels, I need press "hard" the panel with left hand once its in and tap "generously" with a flat right hand till i can hear the happy noise. That's often when you squeeze them. I've ordered a new set and next time, I'll replace a few that are likely a bit tired. Also as some don't want to stay down in the board, make sure they are in line with the hole, the two tips engaged before use any violence Smile

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Thanks for the tips, guys!
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