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Donor found
Got some work done on the seat transfer and some undercoating

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Finished up the fold down seat conversion. Much easier and better than I anticipated. Starting on paint today. Engine bay, and argent bottom. Thinking about converting my side windows to wind down instead of stationary            

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He managed to get some painting done. So happy right now            

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You should be happy! Congrats on a mile stone.

- Mike
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Great job. One giant leep towards the finish line

1971 Grandé
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wow, looking good with fresh paint ! soon the climb down from the summit as you refit all the parts !
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That really is a BIG step getting it painted, nice going!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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Looking good and certainly a step forward after most of the hard work is done
I find putting it back together after paint quite satisfying
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Fitting panels today. Probably 4 hours for two guys fitting and adjusting 2 doors and 2 fenders. OMG!! Talk about testing my patience. Then get to fitting the trunk lid. I bought the shell with some work already done, and this area was one of the portions already done. Trunk lid was 1/8 wider than the opening for it and gaps were not good. So a grinder, Jack and welder was needed after paint. Something that probably should of been caught before but wasn’t. So I leave knowing my body man/mechanic/brother needed some, me time, to think about things. Then 1 hour later I get these photos. It sure pays to trust and have confidence in the person doing the work. I am blessed        

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If there's anything I learned from doing my '71, it was to always dry fit all of the panels before doing paint. I was lucky that everything eventually lined up, but there were some "adjustments" I had to make that were caught before spraying color. .

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