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Dome Light Maintenance

I wanted to double check before I do anything...For changing a light bulb in the dome light (interior light on headliner) do I need to push in the sides with a flathead screwdriver to get it off? I don't want to risk cracking anything.

Also would an LED bulb be a good solution to get brighter light inside? I am first going to clean all my electrical connectors too.

I'm a big fan of the LED's in my daily drivers and motorcycles. No issues, except with turn signals (1157) and one oddball offroad motorcycle head light fitment. Standard 1156, 194's, etc. are no problem. I like the newer COB technology.

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+1 on the LEDs, it's possible to go brighter without worrying about melting the lens.

I would try to squeeze in on the sides with my finger tips before resorting to a screwdriver.

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First try like Don said and squeeze sides with fingers. If you can't get it like that, then try screwdriver on one side very gently. The LED light works really good in the dome.

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Thanks for the advice! I'm not a fan at all of LED lights either but I figured I would try one in the dome light for brightness. I've heard cleaning all of the electrical connectors can help brighten the lights which is what I will try first. I prefer period correct stuff in my mach, not the new crap. Big Grin
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