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Dog Dish Hubcaps
Hi guys,

I am going for the factory look on my Mustang and bought a set of dog dish hubcaps from ebay a couple of weeks ago, but I am not sure now if they are also correct for my 1973 Mustang...

This is the set I have bought:


Also the seller advertised them as : D2AA-1130-AA

I didn't check the stickers in one of the photo's before I bought them, but I noticed that the code is: D5BA-1130-BA.

Does anybody know what the code difference means? Are these hupcaps the correct size/style for my 1973 mustang?

Are the original Ford Mustang hubcaps from 1971-1973 brushed or polished?

Does anybody know where to buy a (new) set of correct trim rings?

Thanks for your help!
They may be for 6" wide rim on other ford models of later years. Trim rings are different in depth if 6" or 7" wide
JD79, couldn't read the label on the lower center cap, but the D5BA-BA is the D5DZ-1130-B cap. The difference in the caps is whether they were used on a trim or non trim ring application. The DOAZ-1130-H (DOAA-G, D2AA-AA) had a plain chrome finish and was used on applications where no trim ring was used. The DOAZ-1130-G (DOAA-K, DOZA-J) was used on applications where a trim ring was used and had a brushed finish. This cap was replaced with the D5DZ-1130-B (D5BA-AA or BA).

There were two different trim rings used on the 14" wheels. DODZ-1210-A (DODA-A or B) was used on the 14x6" wheel. DOZZ-1210-B (DOZA-B or E) was used on 14x7" wheels. These trim rings show up occasionally on E Bay and are much easier (and affordable) to find than the 15" rings used on the 71-72 Mustang 15x7" rim.

If all the center caps you received have the D5BA-BA labels, and you have a trim ring car (Mach1, exterior Décor, etc) you are set!


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the detailed explanation! My car has the decor group so now I have to search for some nice (show quality) trim rings. Finding some nice trim rings seems to be quite difficult. Most of the ebay ones are full of dents and scratches....
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