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Dog dish caps
(02-11-2020, 06:06 PM)Rmach1 Wrote:
(02-11-2020, 02:43 PM)7173Vert Wrote:
(02-11-2020, 01:59 PM)Mister 4x4 Wrote: I'm so very "blah" on the dog dish hubcaps & rings.  These cars deserve more style than a set of generic 'van hubcaps.'  My Marti didn't specify anything with regards to wheels, so I'm pretty sure mine came with dog dishes, but since the rule of thumb being 'hubcaps as standard unless otherwise indicated,' I choose to believe that mine came with a set of sport caps, rather than the dog dishes.

Doesn't really matter though, since they're probably never going back on it, anyway.   Cool whistling

These car’s deserve what each owner wishes to put on it for wheel’s. Not sure why you are choosing to slam the factory look for some car’s but, carry on...
I chose to refer to the Marti report as a baseline. I have the magnums and dog dish without trim rings because I like that simple look honoring chevy’s COPO cars. Some of my friends said I should go without caps all together and use just rims. So there are a lot of options. I also have a matte painted black hood, that a friend, who is a purist and res to specialist and has cars published in magazines, said I should have some green on the hood too.... just another opinion. Lastly I have the painted urethane bumper on a shelf because I personally like the chrome bumper. So the bottom line is unless you’re a purist and may sell your car as an original, we all should make it look like we want. So far I’ve had two pretty high offers for my car because the guys just want something different. No plans to sell as it’s my retirement project and I’m still enjoying the process. Oh forgot to tell you all but the paint color is a 1970 Lincoln dark green metallic... I bet a lot of folks will really hate that?!    thanks guys for an entertaining thread!!

Ain't nothin' wrong with what you've got... or anybody else, for that matter.  thumb

The dog dishes just kind of reminded me of all the police cars you see with black steel wheels and basic hub caps that only cover the lug nuts.  Simple look for minimal maintenance, which lots of guys went that way as well.  My thought is that muscle cars are somewhat flashy, so plain wheel covers are a little out of place.  Magnum 500s are also very cool and popular, but as many pictures of these cars with them out there kind of leads one to believe that all of them came with Magnum 500s as stock.  But I'm just one guy with my own opinions, just like everybody else.   Cool

My urethane bumper is also on a shelf in favor of a chrome front bumper because my painter couldn't figure out how to primer it without cracking, but I also like the chrome front bumper look as well... so, I'm in no hurry to change it out.  Never going to sell mine, either.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
The hub caps have been called poverty caps around here pretty much universally since I was a teenager. That's what you saw on the real base model cars, whether it was Ford, GM or Mopars. As Bru noted, they were standard equipment on vans, pickups etc.

I guess a more accurate description would be "grandma caps", as most of them I ever saw on cars were older retired people who wanted a new vehicle, but weren't going to spring for any flash. We had an older couple up the street from my parent's house whose only car was a Hugger Orange 70 Camaro 6 popper w/the poverty caps. A family friend had a 4 door Maverick with them and my aunt had a 4 door 70's Nova with them as well.

My cousin in Bakersfield, Ca came back from Nam in '66 and ordered a canary yellow 4 door Belvedere with the skinny tires w/ poverty caps.
ie... a Grandma's car, stock to the bone. On the front fender, down low was a badge that said '426 HEMI' . No one believed it.
He had more fun kicking ass at stop lights and buying tires. Back then Bakersfield was a big racing town here in Cali.

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