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does this stance look right?
The backspacing will depend on the width of rims (which depends on the tire width) that you get. The rule of thumb for backspacing on our cars is one-half the rim width plus 1/2 inch. So, an 8 inch wide wheel would have a 4-1/2" backspace. The rule of thumb for wheel width is 75% of the tire section width. Backspacing and wheel sizes have been discussed many times on the forum. Do a search for wheels or backspace and you will find more than you can read in a day. The Search function is under the More tab at the upper right of this page.

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I ordered and have my original 73 Mach 1 and yes they did sit lower in the rear when brand new. I put helper springs around the shocks the week I got mine. 
I posted the Ford assembly manual I think last week with the factory measurements for the stance of the car. I will go back and find it and post a link here later.
My car with the helper springs and original type tires and factory wheels.
Here is link to the info that Ford used to check ride height on a 73 Mustang. This information is from Osborne he has the Ford documents his dad got years ago. Hard to read it looks like copy of copy of copy, lol. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-what...r-our-cars
[Image: 57154894-488407088362438-228171932896329728-n.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0948.jpg]

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(08-05-2019, 03:19 PM)MustangNJ Wrote: I'm parked on a very small incline, but I feel like the hood is up too high, or the butt is too low.  I have new OEM shocks and springs from 2 months ago. I'd like to have some rake in the stance.
I may need to go with oversize tires on the back...which I've been thinking about anyway

[Image: sidestance.jpg]

I would drive it more to let everything settle, 2 months old how many miles driven?
probably not much yet.
Im liking the rear lower lately, as original

[Image: mustangnight010.jpg]
1972 Mustang Convertible 351C 4V
1966 Ford Galaxie 7 litre-4speed

I'm going to order larger wheels/tires for he rear.
Did you check out my reply to your other thread (regarding the backspacing/offset)?  I posted up pictures and everything.   Cool

4.5" of backspacing on those 15x10s with 295s might not fit exactly how you would like.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
I did see that thanks. I think I am going with the Jegs rims and they have 5.5" of bs.
BTW - mine sits pretty much the same as yours, just a little too high in the front for my liking, and not quite high enough in the rear, either.  I'm after the old school look - not the 'wannabe gasser,' though... a little bit of rake with the big fatties under the rear with the front just about "that much" lower.

Here's a shot from a recent car show.  Nose is a little higher than I'd like.

[Image: 20190323-01-1-1024x682.jpg]

I'd bought a Super Suspension Kit from a vendor who's no longer in business, and I'm thinking they tossed in the heavy-duty big block front coil springs - those things have not settled a bit since 2011 when I first installed them.  I'm looking to replace them with a set of adjustable coil-overs from Aldan American, or TCP, or the like.  They'll bolt-in to replace the factory coils and shock assemblies without needing to replace the control arms or any other components.  I'm just a little reluctant to pull the trigger on the $700+ price tag to replace perfectly good suspension components.

Anyway - hope this helps.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
I've always felt that the rear sat to low from the factory.

[/url][Image: mbpsrsig3_zps456db2cb.png]

i'm planning to upgrade the rear wheels/tires to 15 X10 wheels with 295/50R/15 tires. I was just looking at my car, it looks tight. I know others have fit these size wheels/tires. the top of my wheel well is 26.5" off the ground. does that sound right?
[Image: rear-wheel-fit.jpg]

[Image: rear-wheel-fit-3.jpg]

[Image: rear-wheel-fit2.jpg]

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When you go with tires that size the backspacing on the wheels has to be correct. They will be tight on the inside and outside.

You can play around with the tire sizes and wheel backspacing to check the approximate tire clearances in the "Clearance" tab in the spreadsheet in this thread:

Forum members have used that tire size and post the wheel specs on our forum. You can find them by searching the forum for tire sizes or wheel sizes.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
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