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does this stance look right?
I'm parked on a very small incline, but I feel like the hood is up too high, or the butt is too low.  I have new OEM shocks and springs from 2 months ago. I'd like to have some rake in the stance.
I may need to go with oversize tires on the back...which I've been thinking about anyway

[Image: sidestance.jpg]
To me that looks like the stock stance, or even a level stance taking into account the slight incline. Many stock musclecars came with that type of stance, with the rear end a little lower. It looks like the car is ready to pounce when standing still. Actually I think your rear end would be a little lower for a stock stance. There are several methods to raise the rear a little if you want to do that, but it is not recommended to do it using air shocks. The metal around the upper shock mount wasn't designed to support the weight of the car like that. Plenty of people have done just that of course when the cars were new or close to new, and it would work ok for a while as long as there are no rust or other issues weakening the metal there.
As standard from the factory I'm sure I've read that the rear was slightly lower than the front.
I don't think it is a case of the back end being low, but rather the front end being high. I would look at a set of front lowering springs or cut the coils you have to lower the front.

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Some look as if they are sitting on their ass. Some look straight lined. I wonder if it is the rear springs giving in to the load over time.

[Image: siggy.jpg]

After looking at a lot of these cars, I've noticed that even low-mile examples of these cars tend to experience some spring sag. I would consider new rear springs, or get your existing ones re-arched. That would likely change the stance.

I did both new fronts and rear, both with a little higher spring rate. I also run P225/60R15 on the front with P275/60R15 on the back. Now my stance is slightly higher in the rear, and I like the look. The picture below is low-resolution, but I think it gives you an idea of the stance.

[Image: Good-Guys2.jpg]
You also can gain about 1/2" in the rear by using 1" longer shackles sold by many houses.

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+1 on TommyK's reply. When i've replaced my front coils with stiffer ones, also cut them.

Its not just the stance/look, by having the car nose bits lower, you take less wind that tries to lift it further up,
you also regain another 2 to 3 meters of visible road ahead when you're inside!

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@71coop, your car has the stance I am going for. it has a rake from front to back, oversized wheels in back. I don't like cars or trucks that squat. I had to chase a squat on my 78 Ranger, finally adding an extra 2" in the rear.
does someone have the spec's on a 15" rim that fits our cars? I don't know the offset/backspacing etc. I'd like to order a set of rims/tires from tire rack that ship mounted and ready for install...
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