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Does anyone out there have a Ford FE 8 Liter 483 Engine?
I have lots of old Ford publications and a member of the Galaxie Forum I am on wanted a copy of the Star Lift ad that I had. That was a option in 1962 for a removable hard top for the Galaxie convertible. Ford changed the roofline for 62 and the NASCAR guys were going crazy could not control the cars above 165 mph. So they took the steel top from the 1961 model hardtop and made the removable hard top for the vert.
I have attached a copy of the Ford Newsletter showing the top for sale and Jimmy from the Galaxie Forum sent me some info he had back. When Holman Moody took the 1962 Galaxies to Atlanta with the NEW hardtop they blew away the competition so NASCAR told them to leave them at home, lol. They outlawed so much stuff that Ford had. Read the article.
Ford was trying to come up with their next engine to come out with and built two yes just two 8 Liter 483 C.I. FE motors for development using nodular iron. When they put on the Ford dyno it burnt the dyno up. At 4,000 rpm it made a crazy 598 ft. lbs. of torque and 455 HP.
Since they could not test on the dyno they got Holman and Moody to lease them one of the Star Liters. They put the new FE engine in and ran at Fords test track to 182 mph. This is 1962. They then took to Bonneville salt flats and set 46 new records with the car. They ran it for 3 hours at 163 mph or above, lol.
So if someone ever tells you they have a 8 Liter Ford FE don't blow them off buy it as quick as you can.

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
I can see why it didn't catch on, that just doesn't look good on a '62. It looked great on the '60 & '61. I believe the '61 Starliner was one of the best looking cars of that era.

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