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Does anyone have a few good pictures of a '73 4 speed console
My '73 4 speed is missing some console parts. the current console may be a replacement, one of the clues being that is not screwed down.
Its clearly missing some pieces around the shifter boot.  I also think that some of these had a clock.

I either need to buy a whole new console, or if the one I have appears original, I need some parts.

any photos of what what the whole console should look like would be appreciated

[Image: dashboard.jpg]
Looks like you're missing the console top plate.


Great site with lots of informative photos.


The console in of itself is the same for 4 speed, 3 speed or any automatic. There is a plastic plate that goes over the boot on 3 & 4 speed that hides the attachment to the floor. Here is a couple pics of an original. They do repo them but not cheap. Don has them.
The repo consoles do not have the right texture to them in my opinion. I looked at one at the 55 ann. in Charlotte this past week. The box lid was totally wrong. Daniel Carpenter makes a great repo for the lid perfect match.
A good refurbished original will be between $600 - $800 right now.
If you buy a used one be sure it has not been painted before a hassle to strip and clean. Also cracks and warped cases are common. The cracked mounting holes can be fixed easily.
Clocks can go for $200 now if working and wire harness is also needed.

[Image: 100-3329.jpg]

[Image: 100-3333.jpg]

[Image: 100-3330.jpg]

[Image: 100-3332.jpg]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
great info thanks. was a clock a standard feature in 73, or was it an option? I'm only guessing that mine is missing, but its possible it was never there from the factory. btw, who is Don?
In 71 the clock could be in the dash on the left side where the tach is and there would have been a block off plate in the console if you had long one. 72 & 73 long console all had clocks. They ran out of the coils that wind the clock so not able to repair. They have came out with a battery ran repo that most will not notice is not real.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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