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Please post up stuff you have collected !

A friend ran across these two Ford related pieces about a week ago.  He gave them to me.

Kinda neat.  I wonder if Kevin Marti does these warranty cards?  Anyway I thought it was a neat find.
If anyone knows how to duplicate the look of the tape labels (font?) I would appreciate them posting up on this thread.  If not I will prob just locate a labelmaker and actually replace the tape.

EDIT:  Just learned Marti does reproduce them.  $40.  They are listed under tags,  Ownercards.

.jpg   Ford Owner Card Ray.jpg (Size: 86.61 KB / Downloads: 77)

The letter opener is from Fred Jones Remanufacturing here in OKC.  They used to reman a lot of engines and parts. 

.jpg   Fred Jones Reman letter opener.JPG (Size: 32.5 KB / Downloads: 77)


1971 Boss 351  
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible 
1971 Mustang Sportsroof  351-2V FMX 
1973 Mach 1 (parts car)
Ray, I was going to post some info about the ownercard but I see you've already found it. I had called Marti about a card without the metal strip since I had ruined one. I had left it in a shirt pocket after showing it to someone and then gave it a ride in the washing machine. The water ruined the card but the Downey fabric conditioner sure put a nice shine on the metal strip!
Most dealers just typed or hand wrote the owner info at the top of the card. The card and the warranty form were placed on a imprinter much like the old credit card imprinters. (People our age remember those)! There was a metal strip between the blue lines on your card where it looks a little brown from the adhesive that held the strip in place. At one time Ford had a system in place where dealers could order Ford branded type office supplies. The label tape was one of those items as you can see from the Ford oval on the underside of the tape in your picture. Once the chain office supply stores became more prevalent in most towns dealers started using them instead, so most of the Ford offerings were discontinued.
Isn't Fred Jones still operating their remanufacturing operations there? They bought what was Southland Rebuilders out of Charlotte which supplied most of the Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealers in the southeast with Ford reman engines, transmissions and small parts. I know they used to send micro fiche cards to dealers with their multi-million dollar parts inventory. I believe at one time they had over 70 people in their parts dept. I know there was a large increase in the quality levels of the product we received from them vs what we had before.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
I got the original bill of sale and some other things when I bought my car. I keep it stored away. When I get back from work I'll post a pic.

1971 Mustang Grandé, 351 Cleveland 2v, C6, 9"
-Fitech EFI
-Comp Cams 284hr
-Aussie Heads
-Weiand Xcelerator intake
-Long Tube Headers
-Boss Hogg "Street Bandit"

My Build
I've also have all of the paperwork from day dot to the day I purchased it, a complete folder stuffed with every receipt for everything ever purchased or done to the car since new. I've continued it on and started a new file for it, because as I said the original folder I got containing everything is bulging out. I have it all stored away with all my factory Cleveland bulletins and advertisements. I tried to put it all in order of the date things were done, but it's just too overwhelming. If I ever get a spare week I might pull it all out and finish doing it as it'll take me that long I reckon. I'd put pics up, but for some reason I (and everyone else) can never get any to post on this site no matter what we try.
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