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Do you have a 73 with full gauges?

Can you help by just checking a couple of connections? I'm putting my 73 vert back together. It doesn't have the 70 amp alternator. The PO had hacked up the original harness pretty well and Midlife got me the correct harnesses for my car but I'm not 100% certain about just a few connections.

1) Near the voltage regulator there is a junction box. I'm pretty sure that there should only be two wires coming into that. They are both fairly thick, black with an orange stripe. One from the alternator harness and one from the headlight harness. Is that what you have?

2) On the positive side of the starter solenoid there should be the + battery cable. Also I think there should be two other connections, both with ring type connectors. A yellow one coming from the alternator and another yellow one coming from the headlight harness marked as a fusible link. Is this what you have? (I actually have one more connection there for my power top...)

I'm fighting a major short too and want to make sure I've got the basics down first.


On my 72:

Junction block has 1 black with red stripe to headlights and other to alternator

Pos side of solenoid I have only 1 extra wire (yellow or mabe tan pretty faded. That goes to the votage regulator plug. 3rd wire from top of it that also jumpers to a condensor mounted under the junction block.

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
I have what you have Scott.

73 mach1
Thanks for taking the time to check your 72 and the photo too!


73mach1;99989 Wrote:That's what i have.

Thanks Jay. I appreciate you checking. Back in the late 70's I had a 73 Mach I. Like a fool I sold it. Green with a tan interior. That was one great car.

Hi Scott,

Pictures of the original connections (Mach1-1973).
Maybe this can help...


The black plastic block (junction block) with the bolt in the middle just keep the positive (+) wires together, the function of the junction block is to keep the wires separate of the body negative (-).
In earlier years of construction, the junction block is not used and were all positive (+) wires together at the start solenoid which really was too much.
PS.: with a convertible there is still usually a second yellow junction block.
yellow part number: DY-141
Black Part Number: DY-91 (D0SZ-14448-A DY-91)

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