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DIm guage lights with LEDS!
So even with the cool kid top of the line LED's and MIdlife wireharness updates with hardwired guages the lights are dulll.  I wonder if adding relays for the ehadlights would help?
Did you remove the blue plastic difuser domes? After 40+ years most are more opaque than translucent.

If you have aftermarket headlights, or some bad connections between the battery and fuse block and headlights, putting the headlights on a separate relay circuit would unload the main power feed (big yellow wire) to most everything, including the fuse block, providing higher voltage to the rest of the circuits.

I would also make sure the rheostat in the headlight switch is working properly and check the fuse for the dash lights. Old glass fuses can become corroded internally and restrict the flow of electricity, plus the clips that hold the fuses can get dirty or get a coating on them.

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I check the underdash harness across each fuse to see if continuity is less than 1 ohm. I doubt his problem is in the fuse box.
Midlife. I bought the harness from you. I know you check everything. The switch may have some issues. At one point the headlights were going on/off. Do you feel adding the headlight relay kit would help? I like how i removes the load from the switch
Headlights blinking on/off are due to an overload, causing the internal circuit breaker to trip. Are you using halogen headlights? If so, absolutely get a relay for them. It will not necessarily help your dash lamps. I suspect your headlight rheostat is bad as well.
No regular type headlights. This blinkin only occurred once. It was of course when my wife was ddriving and not me. It has not happened again
My Mach had the dreaded "Blinking Headlight Death Syndrome" (BHDS) also.  Not a great feeling when trying to get down the highway at night.  I added a Hella relay harness, and all is well.  As Midlife says, adding the relays did nothing for my dim dash lights, but it sure fixed the BHDS.  I'm sure that my headlight switch is shot as well, but that's a project for another day.

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I'd recommend cataract surgery for dim dash lamps. I'm going to have that done in the next year or two...something is dreadfully wrong, as the wife is looking better and better.
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