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Differential temps
Dear awesome 7173 forum peeps

I drove my piece of loveliness to the Feckenham show yesterday 

On driving back (35 miles), close to the end of the journey I got a rattle from the Exhaust straps with those stupid metal rings on causing a clinking sound ...arrrrgh 

As I was messing around underneath I almost burnt myself on this huge, black bulbous thing that looks like Darth Vader's nut sack, stuck between the two wheels. 

Is it supposed to be that hot?

Plz could some ex-spurts help a complete numpty  Undecided  

all the best 

 [Image: show.jpg]

much appreciated 

Al    Chin

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Two questions...
1 - How do you know what Darth Vader's nut sack looks like
2 - Why were you messing around under there ... this could cause problems with Mrs Vader... You think Darth has a temper whistling

Yes the center section will get hot, but you probably should check the fluid level.
There is a plug in the side of the housing... nut sack lube should be right to the top of that opening.
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I should not get that hot to burn you.
If it is a Traction Loc rear you also need to add the friction modifier to the rear end grease.
When racing they have to run a cooler for the rear they get very hot.
How did you get under the car? Are you 3" thick, lol.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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Go buy an infrared thermometer.

You’ll find yourself taking the temperature of all kinds of things.

The rear end can get pretty warm on a drive. I’d say it shouldn’t get any hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient temperature - in a car. Keep it in mind that 100 degrees is a wild guess. Obviously heat depends on friction, When the ring and pinion themselves are wore out along with the bearings that can cause more friction. Also when the setup is brand new, with new bearings that have been preloaded to specification can cause more friction until the break in- along with a new ring and pinion..
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(06-23-2019, 07:23 AM)OMS Wrote: Two questions...
1 - How do you know what Darth Vader's nut sack looks like

Just a guess  thumb

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(06-23-2019, 09:37 AM)Bentworker Wrote: Go buy an infrared thermometer. 

I think that is a spiffing idea

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(06-23-2019, 08:24 AM)Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs Wrote: I should not get that hot to burn you.

Carolina MM ...m8 

Are you saying that you are not that hot ... some chicks may have differing opinions .  Big Grin

... you couldnt burn me -- I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic

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I was reading some other forums and it appears that 210°F to 225°F is normal 

that is quite a sizzle  Chin

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