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Delay of game penalty
My engine and related new parts have been scattered all over my garage all winter and now that I'm building, can't find everything. Misplaced piston rings and took 3days to find, and now lost crank gear keyway. Wanted to complete short block today, and even took an extra day off to do so... NOT HAPPNIN. On the plus side I'm replacing more parts that look questional to me in order to make it right hopefully the 1st and last chance to do it myself. Again comes up the most everyone complaint of ( wish I had more room to work, and keep things open instead of boxing every time I work on the car.)

Alan L

[Image: 1_30_09_13_10_12_32.png]
Alan L

I know I've been there.....What I do now before I set out to do something is make a list of what I need....then I start looking for the stuff on that list about 2 days before I plan on doing my project. I've found by doing this it saves me tons of time .....lol...but it still doesn't feel quite right if I don't walk around the house muttering "where the heck is that thing"?


[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int

08 Bullitt 4.6-5 spd black/black int

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy
Your not alone. I started looking for my door weatherstrips about 2 weeks ago and finally found them over the weekend. I knew they came in plastic packaging and that's what I was looking for. As it turned out I had taken them out of the packaging at some point to compare to the old weatherstriping I had removed and left them laying in the box full of old rubber stuff I was going to throw out. But finally found them!

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

Our current Mustang garage/driveway
1973 Mustang Convert - Bought in 1974 - Still have it!
2004 Mach 1 Oxford White Auto, Bought Sept 06

[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

One more thing, the more space you have seems like the further things can get away!
My education of these cars has grown x100 since I joined the fourm.
First thanks to everyone and second the investment of reading and working on the car a generation later.

I did not see alot of 71-73 when I work at Ford execpt for dealer prep. New cars had a 12/12 warranty, and I remember doing mostly electrical problems and water leaks. Wheres the dum-dum rang out all day.

Alan L

[Image: 1_30_09_13_10_12_32.png]
Alan L
I'm in that stage (finding lost parts in my garage) right now with my 65. LOL

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
My Mustangs:
71 M-code Mach 1, Medium Blue/White Sport, 4R70W, 3L50, Factory Ram Air.
72 Q-code Mach 1, Pewter/Black Sport, 4-spd, 3L25.
65 Convertible, Britney Blue/White/White, more modified than original.
05 Convertible, Legend Lime/Tan/Tan, future classic??
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