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Decor Molding Removal?
I did a search but didn't see anything.

What is the safest method to remove the 10 piece decor group molding pieces? A picture of the clips looks like they are spring loaded?


Dave from PA
1972 Mach 1

I have a couple cars with this molding but never tried to remove. If it is like other Ford molding there will be acorn nuts on and you will have to pull the interior panels to get to the nuts on the spring clips. I know on the door you can see an acorn nut on each end of that piece.
On older Fords you could just grab the trim lift up and tilt it out and pop it off not these pieces.
The two front pieces are pinched between the lower gravel panel and the fender. There are two tabs that help keep it pulled in tight to the body. You would just have to remove the three bolts and pull the fender and gravel pan apart and slide it out.
Pic of the front piece is attached. I was lucky to find some NOS pieces while on my last trip to Michigan to get a parts car.
They are one of the Hens teeth for sure so be careful when removing them.
Road salts do a number on these parts if you ever find any buy them someone will need them for sure, same on all models.
When you go back on be sure to seal around the spring clip studs with some putty to keep water out. I like to use the strip stuff you put a windshield in with lasts forever. You can also use just strip calk that you can get a home improvement store.

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When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The bright molding is affixed to the car with studs on the sheet metal (no acorn nuts anywhere), and clips that 'feel' spring-loaded, but really only snap into place - just like the windshield/backlight molding.

The 2 pieces up front might be fastened in the manner David outlined, but the other 8 pieces will wind up leaving the studs sticking out of the car's sheet metal when you remove the molding.

Very similar to this:

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTAhK2eXrvr6iHnh_d4cvl...xY2k3VUUqg]


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
There are nuts on the end of the door pieces

There are 3 acorn nuts on the rear pieces [ behind the tires ] on the quarter panel - trunk access

strip in front of rear tire - also studs and nuts
access from 1/4 vent or remove interior panel

Door one stud / nut on end - other 5 or 6 are plastic snap on the welded stud clips

fender behind tire stud and nut on each end - one plastic snap clip in center

Front of fender - loosen front valance to slid it out

Snap on stud clips - gently pry up at each plastic clip
Clips usually are dry / brittle and crack

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
My "No Stripe" Mach 1 was missing the 4 pieces on the fenders (previously repaired and damaged & omitted, I'm guessing). I remember pulling the pieces off my doors, with the welded studs staying put (had the painter grind them off before painting). The quarters - honestly, I'd used a plasma cutter and left the rusty sheet metal attached to them since I had to change quarter panels anyway (later sent them to another member who needed a few of the pieces).

I don't remember the acorn nuts on the doors, though.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Are these the same studs they us on the vinyl roof trim?
Never had any of them off so good info.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
Yes, same studs - but they're only on the doors and quarter panels forward of the rear wheel openings (probably because it's a lot more effort to get into the areas behind the pieces to tighten those acorn nuts). Wink

I'm thinking I don't remember any acorn nuts because of how rusty mine was when I took it apart - they might've just not even been there anymore and rusted in-place. I literally used a plasma cutter to cut the rear pieces off the car rather than risk bending them trying to separate from the sheet metal. Cool


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Thanks all, good info.

Looking at the picture Mister 4x4 posted, the pieces might slide left or right and come off.
I will dig into it. I have a new set to put back on but want to save and polish the old ones, they are not too bad.

Dave from PA
1972 Mach 1

Excuse my ignorance but where does this moulding go please? I have a Decor Group vert and can't see this moulding on it.
Thin Lizzy;245745 Wrote:Excuse my ignorance but where does this moulding go please? I have a Decor Group vert and can't see this moulding on it.

The exterior decor group came with Lower body side paint with chrome molding. Honeycomb grille and sportlamps. Color-keyed front bumper. Color-keyed hood and fender moldings. Flat brushed-aluminum hub caps with trim rings.

The molding is low on the car separating the 2 tone.
[Image: nostripes.jpg]

Dave from PA
1972 Mach 1

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