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Deck Lid Emblems
Hi all,
So I have a '71 vert that I bought from my grandfather several years ago. When I first bought it I replaced the tired looking emblems and some faded chrome pieces. The deck lid didn't have any emblem on it so I added the "M" "U" "S" "T" "A" "N" "G" letters across the back. At the time my grandfather told me that the letters were never there. And the ones I've seen haven't had the letters either. Some had the cursive script or nothing at all. So, I'm wondering what are the correct deck lid emblems for the '71 convertible?
Any 71 Mustang that was not a Mach 1 had chrome block letters on the lower edge of the deck lid spelling out "MUSTANG". This was a production item and probably not reinstalled after a repaint or body repair. A lot of people did not like the way they looked. The fenders had the cursive script. 72/73 non Mach 1 cars received the cursive script on the right side of the deck lid and all models got the script on the fenders
Am not 100% sure at this time but it seems like there was a tape stripe that came with one of the exterior décor options that included the word Mustang on the deck lid. It may of been on the sports roof only. if someone knows for sure they can let us know.


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71 only sportsroof had a tape stipe with the MUSTANG letters cut out. It was either black or argent.

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