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Dead dome light and cd player
I bought a tach through rcc innovations and installed it.
I also hooked up my electric choke since i was running wiring.

Heres how it was setup. The cd player in the car is powered by the post on the fuse box. Its a keyed 12v source.

Not being wise, i also connected the tach and the electric choke to this same post.

I turned the key and I blew 2 fuses, one of them being the SFE 9 Amp

My dome light and cd player are now powerless

I unhooked the tach and choke from that post, replaced the fuses.

Still have a dead dome light and dead cd player.

I also noticed that a few of my dash lights are also dead. When i installed the tach i replaced 6 of the 13-14 sockets. I will be replacing them all if i have to remove the gauges to fix any of these issues.
Also, i noticed that prior to these issues, that when i hook the battery cables to the battery, i hear i click from a relay that turns on the dome light. I dont hear that click anymore.

Any ideas?

"Do it once, do it right!"
I got one - talk to midlife! Tongue
Wow, that's interesting. My electric choke is hooked up to the same power as the radio and no problems but I don't have the radio installed right now. Good luck on chasing that problem down.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
Besides the fuse block there are also multiple cicuit breakers under the dash, at least in my '71 Grandé.
The headlight switch that controls the interior lights is one location.
You may also have damaged the voltage regulator in the printed circuit as you mentioned some dash lights don't work now.
These are all easy things to fix.


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
Aftermarket CD players usually have an inline fuse. That may be part of the puzzle.
Im goi.g to start at the cd player. I do think that im going to be pulling the light pods out of the cluster. Ive had issues with them before. Ill replace those with all new ones. The headlight switch works fine and dims/brightens the gauges fine. Im going to check to see if i have power to that post. I know that the post becomes.very loose when you.take the nut off the add a wire to it. Maybe somethung isnt making contact on the other side of the post?

Also the only lights i notices in the gauges that dont work are the turn signals and the red pony that lights up for hi/lo beams. Im thinking those are loose burned out bulbs

"Do it once, do it right!"
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