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What kind of black paint should I use to paint the dash on my 71 Convertible? What grit for final sanding? What was originally used? Thanks in advance!
Not A T5,

Please review this thread. Carolina_Mountain_Mustang presents some great information on the interior colors.


Excerpt from thread. The metal dash that holds the knobs and controls, the steering column, the end caps on the dash and the metal glove box door gets the metallic black AP-4464 that is more of a satin than semi gloss. It was the same for 65 through 73.

Example: https://www.npdlink.com/store/catalog/In...978-1.html

mustang7173 Thankyouyellow

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If you are going to do the dash I strongly suggest that you take the whole dash out of the car. Does not take long and allows you to clean all the vents, take everything out of the dash easily and do a great job sanding and painting. There is actually very little that shows most gets covered by plastic so you only have to great finish on some small areas. Getting the surface clean is biggest challange with all the ArmorAll used in the past and things with silicone in it. You will need to scrub with dish washing liquid and prep solvent before doing any sanding. I am actually doing one now. I put the dash shell in my big molasses tank to take all the surface rust off the back side.
With an aerosol paint job I would used 500 grit for my final sand of any primer and do at least three coats of the color no sanding between coats.
From memory there are only like 7 or 8 fasteners that hold the dash assembly in. Drop the column there is one hidden under it.

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Thanks for all the info David!
I used SEM Trim Black. Looks like the original in my 71 Plain Jane Mach 1, i.e. basic interior. I've used that paint for years for finishing plastic and metal prototypes with excellent results. It just needs 48 hours to cure completely after that, it's very durable. It's my go-to trim paint. On the outside I used SEM Hot-Rod Black again with excellent results. I was not too concerned about it being an exact concours texture and sheen, but it look great to the casual observer.
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