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Hi Guys,
So I was standing in front of that railway crossing and the gates did not open after the train had passed. Remember I'm a dispatcher with the railway company, so I know how fast those things are supposed to open.
So I decided to take different road to get home. For that, I had to back up a little and back into a field to turn the car around, as the road was too narrow to allow for a 72 Mustang to make a U-turn.
Basically a good idea, just in my case I did not know that the slope was narrower than the opening and that there was a ditch right beside it and so I ended up with the car lying flat on it's belly with the rear wheels hovering in the air!
Looked like this:

Front view:


I called friend of mine who works for the town for help and he told me to hang on, he'd be there in two minutes. Well it took him exactly 3 minutes to show up with a guy driving a shovel excavator. We hooked a heavy chain to the front of the car and pulled it out.
Exactly 6 minutes had passed in between the phone call and the car standing on the road on all fours again!!!!
I was lucky that neither my friend, nor the driver, nor the excavator were busy in some other part of town. They were all on standby at their headquarters. Otherwise, I'd have had to stand there for half an eternity.

Looks like no harm was done to the car. I did not heck in detail, but it looks good. The exhaust hasn't come loose, the rocker panels are ok, just a little grass and dirt stuck to the exhaust clamps.
I was lucky I guess.

By the way, needless to say the other guys standing in front of the gates had a good laugh at my expense........Angry
Oh and the gates did not open for another 30 minutes I was told later!

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

Check out my video:

glad you where secure enough in your manhood to actually take pics hahahaTongue

thanks for sharing glad everything turned out good no harm no foul.


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if i did that it would be 400$ and i would be waiting around for hours.

I think your:
[Image: winning.jpg]

72HCODE;26971 Wrote:if i did that it would be 400$ and i would be waiting around for hours.

I think your:
[Image: winning.jpg]



[Image: a58hgh.jpg]
Thanks for sharing Mike! (especially the pics)

Looks like you might wanna treat that tractor owner to a few cold ones!
It reminds me of the time I was driving a new Blazer to high school. They had bladed the parking lot and I needed a place to park after arriving late. I pulled dropped it in 4L (4 wheel drive, low range) and climbed up on top of this big snow drift. Came out later to find the temps had climbed, combined with the heat from the drivetrain had allowed my Blazer to 'sink' in the snow up to the doors. The box blade tractor operator came over and after having a few laughs pulled me right out. I am thankful cell phone cams were not invented yet - otherwise I'd have sure made the paper! Funny now - thanks for reminding me!!!!!!
Kinda miss the Blazers and Broncos of days gone by...


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Glad you posted the pics too! Reallllly glad there was no damage!

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It sounds like you were very lucky. It is good to have friends to help when you need them. Reverse is the most dangerous gear. I backed my 71 Mach into a 2 foot tall steel pole in a parking lot once. It was very ugly.

Glad it was a successful ending, but only the limited rear visibly sportsroof guys are supposed to have those type of back up incidents. LOL

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You've posted a picture of my greatest secret fear; having car troubles in public in a car that is too cool to be seen to be having car troubles in public!

[Image: omg.gif]

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Glad the car escaped with little on no damage. It reminds me of the time back in the 70's when my best friend wanted to drive my 73 Convert. So I gave in and let him drive, within two minutes he backed up to turn around and hit a concrete base to a utility pole. Only bent the bumper and the fill-in panel, so it was an easy fix. He even paid without me even asking! So yes, reverse is the most dangerous gear!

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upload a photo on internet

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