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Custom Door Panels
So my deluxe door panels are bad, needing replacing. I've been pricing, seems around $400-500 for a set. I was thinking of doing something a little custom though.

Anyone else do a custom door panel? Suggestions?
Not with the whole panel.I just had my inserts done to look like brushed aluminum

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Emulating a door panel from a 1972 Mexican GT-351 Mustang would be cool:

[Image: 110089482bcb5a7fd3b.jpg]

[Image: stangprofile3.jpg]
So, can I assume that the standard ones will fit in place of the deluxe? If I'm going to do something custom, it may be an easier starting point.
I believe standard panel in fact fit on the door but be careful and of you´re going to go with the standard door panels, search a little about what else do you need to get besides the panel itself... I believe the door handles are diferent as the mounting trim, arm rest pad of course and who knows what else...

My car has standard door panels from factory and they look good, simple but a clean look...

I also dont know (cause i never seen one de luxe panel in person in my life) if the metal trim that goes on top of the interior door is the same as in the de luxe ones... If you want to start by this search i strongly recomend to contact Don directly and he will assist you great...

Damián Cool

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If you swap to standard, you'll need the metal trim caps as shown in the pic above, arm rests, arm rest bases, standard interior door latch mechanisms and the chrome pulls.

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