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Coupe door glass and Cougar the same?
Anyone know for sure if 7173 Mustang Coupe door glass is the same as the 7173 Cougar?
They are exactly the same in 1972. No experience with others. i believe not all were tinted. I put a cougar window in my first 1972....in 1979.
Does anybody know if the cougar rear windows roll down?

I've always wanted roll-down rear windows.

If you don't have time to do it right the first time, you sure as Hell don't have time to do it right the second time.

Dutch uncle
Not sure if they do with manual cranks - but the power windows do, I believe (most Cougar interior pictures I've seen seem to have the same power window switch set-ups as our cars - 5 switches on the driver door).

If you're wanting roll-up quarters, the regulators, brackets and hardware from coupes and 'verts will bolt right in to the fast backs. I just did mine this past weekend, and aside from still needing a bit of adjustment (to free up the action - they're tight) they work great!


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Yes, Cougars do have crank down quarter glass.
mach71351c;192260 Wrote:Yes, Cougars do have crank down quarter glass.

We have a handful of Cougars. Hardtops and verts. All rear quarter windows rolled down both power and crank on Cougars unlike the stang.

A little off topic but I had intentions of building a Cougar fastback at one point. Front click and doors from the Cougar. Rear half from a stang. Other better projects got in the way. Would be different for sure.
Well. There it is. Wink Big Grin



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