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COTM entries Needed
Attention all 7173Mustangs.com Members we need members to nominate their cars for the COTM (car of the month) contest.
Members have from the 1-15 if every month to enter your car, at that point other members can vote for the car they like.
Then at the end of each month caspianwendell and I will count the votes on the cars submitted for that month and announce the winner.
The winner will have his or her car displayed on the 7173Mustangs.com home page for the month they won, and get a page in the 2015 calendar for that month.
All of the other cars will get rolled over to the next month contest.
if you see a different car you like you can change your vote.

You can enter in the “On the Road Spotlight Submissions” or in the “Restoration Phase Spotlight Submissions” it all depends on what the state you car is in. (all are welcome)
A few pictures and a nice description of your car is all you need.

Remember it doesn't matter what condition the car is in, restored, unrestored, in the middle of being restored, just enter them!!!


Also add for the long time members, just because you have already won a COTM award in the past does not mean you can't have another spot on a new calendar.

Lets have some fun!!

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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