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Correct original color of the front license plate bracket
(01-12-2018, 07:16 PM)rackerm Wrote:
(01-12-2018, 07:36 AM)timachone Wrote: Shortly said: happy wife, happy life... Wink

Our hobby could get extreme sometimes so we all have to be happy if we have an understanding wife (and children) who let us be as we are. And if we could do something little for her we should - who knows which desirable NOS-part we will come across in near future on Epay... whistling

Concerning my topic:

Thank you for clearing that out - front license plate = 
My strategy when I plan a build or a major auto related purchase is to double what I think it will cost to fund the wife's redecorating project or vacation plans. That way she's happy and so am I  Angel

That's a good strategy too I will keep in mind Big Grin thumb


Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly Angel
You know I never put mine on my 73 so it is stashed somewhere in a box so NOS will have to find if I can and get some pics. Been sorting parts for a week now putting in bins with labels going to put on excel spread sheet with location. Brain cells not there anymore got to use the computer. Been finding stuff I forgot about. Got several of the NOS Autolite tune up kits in the round cardboard cans. I see them on ebay for like $100 sometimes, lol. Seems like I got for like $5.00 new.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
David, I got your PM, but I cannot reply because your inbox is full. Email me at rackerm@hotmail.com or clean up your mail box :-) thanks

1973 H Code Convertible - Medium Copper Metallic - June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
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