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Cooling issues
cazsper;276291 Wrote:
Don C;276290 Wrote:Lincoln Mark VIII fans pull more air than just about everything else, but they are popular and hard to find. Ford Taurus are also supposed to be nearly as good, as well as Contour fans.

Cool.. Thanks. Is that more than the '94+ fans? I have been reading they are pretty good..

Any specific year I should look at?
cazsper;276284 Wrote:I've always wondered about that fan setup and shroud. My '95 GT had a supercharged 393w making over 550rwhp and I just used the factory fan/shroud and a Fluidyne radiator. It only went over 195' if I was in the boost for a bit but would quickly return to 180-185'.

I'm thinkin' you answered your own question there.
That's what I was getting to.
Borrow a cap, any cap that fits the neck... see if it does the same. If so, chuck those fans or build shroud sorta mimicking a stocker (venturi shaped) for them. Personally, I prefer a simple clutch fan with a stock shroud like the 5.0's have.

Not knowing what CFM those fans are is another thing to consider. They still may be inadequate, even with a better shroud.

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

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From the hail Mary department: Have you checked to see if there is a small squared edge (part of the head gasket) sticking out from between the block and the heads at the front of the engine? Most have this feature so correct installation of the head gasket can be checked without removing the heads.
As I said, a hail Mary guess. Chuck
I'll check those items and will get back.. Thanks everyone..
cazsper;276292 Wrote:Any specific year I should look at?

Late 80s or newer for Taurus

Mid 90s for Contour. The Contour is a dual fan that's supposed to pull as much air as the Mark VIII and is popular with the off-roaders and rock-crawlers.

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