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Convertible Top Relay circuit?
Happy Labor Day Weekend, all!
I'm spending as much of this weekend installing the wiring harness and cleaning up this and that as I go.  While the dash is out it's easy to find all sorts of projects that I'm sure I'll regret starting later!  Tongue 
One of those is the convertible top circuit. I've installed Rocketman's headlight relays and I have a relay for the new stereo setup so why wouldn't I want the largest current draw in the vehicle to incorporate a relay rather than the dash switch ( I know- it's been working for 40 years, don't "fix" it!)
Thoughts?  Anyone tried this?

Thanks and stay safe this weekend!

I have 2 1965 Mustang verts, 2 1973 Mustang verts and 3 1972 Mustang verts. Ford pretty much used the same system all the way up. It works it is robust leave it alone, lol. Cylinder leaks and line leaks are the biggest issue. If you do not ride the switch when you hear the pump start to build pressure let it go. I never let the pump force the top up or down to prevent blowing a hose or seal.
Would be like using a different brake light switch, NOT.
How many times do you open and close your top? Not many.

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I agree with David. The top gets its power from a separate accesory wire harness which connects directly to the battery side of the starter selenoid. In fact the accessory wire harness could already be dedicated to only supplying power to the top in Verts with few options. It has its own in line fuse. It is better left alone.

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Thanks for the input, gents!
I'll leave this alone and move on to replacing the cylinder seal that gave up right after I posted this. :-)

My 73 used a circuit breaker for the top switch that connected to the solenoid battery side.

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