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convert my points distributor?
On my '73 Mach-1, I'm still running points. I can't afford a new distributor right now (MSD), but what do you think of the Pertronix Ignitor or Ignitor II? Was it easy to do? It's there a better alternative?
I used the crane xri kit. It has a built in rev limiter that can be adjusted unlike the igniter and igniter 2. I had no problems, just make sure you get a good 12 v source and coil. I'll sell you it if interested, I went full msd for my new setup. Used it only for about 6 months.

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We have an Ignitor II on my wife's 66 and an Ignitor on my 73 Mach 1. I didn't install either one as they both were in for other work when they got installed. Works great.

Looks pretty easy to install.


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My new billet ignitor 111 and flamethrower 111 coil are working beautifully.
But it is a big bugger. Had to modify the ram air filter base and swap cap to female.

[Image: Image3.png]
Maybe I'm confused. I thought there was something that I change inside my existing distributer that gets rid of the points. It's that not how it works?
You just pretty much take the cap off, take the points and condenser out then screw on the new unit. And wire it to the coil. Done

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Oh ok.. can it be done with the distributor in the car?
The pertronix site has howto videos...
It probably can be done, but I believe they recommend you do it on a workbench.

[Image: Image3.png]
I put the Pertronix in, with the distributor in the car. Very easy to do. I did also use the Pertronix coil. Just follow the instruction sheet.

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Caz, if you search function the forums you will find weeks of info on pertronix, and their site also. The most important part of the swap is choose the correct coil with the module you buy. The P1 is different than P2, as is the wiring! But if i were to do it over i would have done a conversion to Duraspark. Lots of those parts available used but a little more involved. The cheapest and easiest for you today would be a Ptrnx 1 and a screwdriver. Less than $80 bucks and you can use your existing coil if i remember correctly.
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