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Does anybody have advise as to the best way to mount the full floor console? When I replaced my floor pans, I welded all the floor holes closed because there were 3-4 holes for each screw in the console like it had been mounted several times. I want to do a clean install without drill bit pulling up carpet strands. any advise?
Use a soldering gun to burn a hole through it, which also seals off the loose threads, or a leather hole punch tool:

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I have always had good luck using a scratch awl.

Yeah, I was thinking scratch awl too!! I'll try that, then soldering iron if awl doesn't work!! Thanks Gents!!
I'll borrow this thread as I have a similair issue. My PO have installed sound deadener carpet and also a non stock looking carpet so I am unable to see or feel the mounting holes. Sure, I can remove the sound deadener carpet but it's glued to the floor pan. I'd hate to destroy it. Also, it's winter here which mean I am not able to drive the car and it also lack battery (going to replace it). This means I can't drive it to i.e a gas station in order to raise it and go under the car to look for the mounting holes. Sad

So, I was wondering if someone who have their full console mounted could be an angel and make a measurement between the center gauge console and the clock, like my illustration? Angel Maybe then I will be able to locate the mounting holes and fasten the screws.

[Image: 4hw1zo.png]

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The best way is to center of the console over/on the shifter bezel. Upper cover fits in the recess of the automatic bezel.
judge;213191 Wrote:The best way is to center of the console over/on the shifter bezel. Upper cover fits in the recess of the automatic bezel.

That's what I did when I installed mine, I based t off the shift bezel.

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
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When they put them in in the factory it was lay it in and run the screws. I took a console out of a 72 Mach 1 and there was a cigarette melted into the carpet. Someone was smoking put it down and then another guy sat the console over it and screwed it in. I don't think they did precise measurements.
Allright, thank you. I will try your suggestions. :-)

Waiting for spring and summer...
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