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Considering a used 2005-07 F150 4x4
My oldest is wanting another truck after selling his 87 F250 and joining the Marines. So now he has a little coin in the pocket and wants another truck. The credit union is OK financing one for him as long as it is a 2005 or newer.

Mason wants a 4-door suer crew and 4x4. So is there anything we need to be aware of with the 05-07 model F150 trucks? Thanks.

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Get the 5.4L, not the 4.6L engine. If the engine is due for spark plugs, make sure to have a de-carb service done first, as they can be a bitch to change. I have seen $800+ repair bills after one or more of the plugs break off when removing. Other than that, they are great trucks. I love mine!


- Travis

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Nothing that jumps out, 90k on mine and no issues. Buddy has an 05 with 300k used for hauling a boat a bit and all he has had to do is replace the rear diff at about 220k when he sheared some teeth off it

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The newer 3 valve 5.4 is tuned from the factory at maximum hp and from what I have been told by very reputable shops is you cannot upgrade these engines. I have a 99 5.4 with true dual exhaust and a friend bought an 06 and wanted duals on it but no shop would touch it...they claimed it would lose HP? Of coarse you will still have the coil issues with the 05 and up models but they are an easy fix, once you track down the culprit. As far as plug change is concerned, I purchased an extended plug socket that works perfect for these engines...(number 4 and 8 is still a bear). The only complaint I have with the newer model is the transfer shifter is no longer in the floor (I hate electric shift 4X4). I love these trucks in every way...looks, ride, drivability, toughness, long life, and 4X4 ability. I say go for it, and enjoy.
I love my 07 F250 with the 5.4. Just turned 320000km and still going strong. Have done ALOT of towing since new and only the usual repairs.
I have an 05 F-150 STX extended cab ( 3yrs now ) 4.6 4X4 , only thing I have done is the hub actuators . They were sticking causing the gears in the hub to shear , but the conditions can be pretty corrosive up here . Luckily it was under an extended warranty . I sometimes wish I had the 5.4 , but I got a good deal on it @ 5yrs old with 24K miles on it . I do tow my 27 foot camper that weighs around 5000lbs. quite well even with the smaller engine . I like mine .Smile

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