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Concours Restoration success rates
(07-26-2018, 02:29 PM)Paul of MO Wrote: My dad sold a Boss 429 service block and heads to a customer doing a concourse restoration.

The car is a 100 percent / perfect / trophy winning / down to the smallest paint dab and is the most correct Boss 429 in existence.

No pistons in it.  No valves or valve springs. No clutch or pressure plate. No guts in the 4 speed.  No acid in the NOS - date correct battery  No fluids.........

It gets pushed out of it's heated and air conditioned trailer - gets a trophy - and gets push back on.  

We fooled around with MCA in Florida and just got tired of it.   20 years ago 71 - 73 got even less respect than they do now.

They used to have a big show at Cypress Gardens each year that my dad would take me to.

Wow, that's sad.  The point of owning the car (for me anyhow) is to DRIVE it.  No pistons?  Nuts!  I took my 'stang to a small show today, and it sure gets a lot of attention.  Drove it there and back, that's the FUN of owning these rides!

1971 J-Code Owner
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