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Compressor Question
I think the piping would be Black Iron not Cast Iron. The fittings are cast but not the pipe. Some people do use PVC depending on what pressure you will be running in the pipes. I always turn the compressor off when not in the shop I have had pressure switches fail and it not shut off and blow the safety pop off valve. The only problem with copper is if there is vibration it can work harden and crack and it is expensive also.

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Here is one of the better products, not cheap, but they also have a design center that builds your parts list.

Here's an interesting tip:

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(05-18-2018, 03:09 PM)73pony Wrote: Wow Cast iron and all threaded fittings. PITA I think is an understatement. I was planning to use Hard L or Hard K copper and silver solder all of the fittings. We use L soft for linesets for AC systems and silver solder all the time with 410A which is under higher constant pressure than an compressed air system would ever be.

Black pipe , steel pipe, cast iron. Having worked in manufacturing and industrial buildings for 20+ years, it's what I'm used to and prefer. 

There are lots of other options out there today as well. I'm considering trying out the HDPE/aluminum kits that are available. Cost is reasonable and it would be cake to install. Downside is the fittings are kinda pricey and not something you can get locally. 


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