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Coilover Suspension
Just finished installing a Rod & Custom front and rear coil over suspension - Figured I would post some pictures. The installation was straight forward. For the rear, we ordered their coil over setup, housing with axles, Wilwood disc, and Strange Engineering true track 4.11 3rd member. As for the front, we opted for the coil over upgrade and Wilwood disc. The setup is temporary installed while we work on the car.

1. Welding mounts in place is quicker and stronger
2. Double check everything and tack mounts in place before finishing welds
(a) We identified conflicting information in the manual and video

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.jpg   Back View.JPG (Size: 109.84 KB / Downloads: 381)
.jpg   Rear angle view.JPG (Size: 99.62 KB / Downloads: 372)
.jpg   Side View Rear.JPG (Size: 111.64 KB / Downloads: 378)

Lancaster, PA
72 Fastback, Restomod
65 Coupe, Restomod

Follow my build on Facebook @ 1972 Mustang Coyote Fastback
Looks really nice, what is the price for the rear coilover kit? And is it just plug and play? :-)

Daniel thumb

Pro-Touring 1973 Mustang named ''Creator'' ... Tongue
Under construction!!
Looks Very Nice,
can you post more detail on the front end suspension, where you got the parts, why coil-over instead of stock rebuild?

I'm looking to do the same thing, but I need frame rails and a crossmember, that complicates things even more...
Looks awesome..My buddy as a simular set up in his camaro.

Alot benifits too Coil-overs.. lighter and you can adjust them compared too stock shocks set ups....So you can have a lower riding car while keeping a reasonable spring rate.

We purchased the front/rear kits from Rod & Custom Motorsports in NC. The front kit requires welding into place, but can be done if you have the right tools and mechanical ability. We went with this kit for two reasons, (1.) It was the only direct fit for our '72 (2.) The kit is designed to hold the 2013 5.0 crate engine we purchased.

The kit comes with a new crossmember and reinforcement places for the frame rails. The tops of our were rusty and had to be replaced. I took several pictures of the build. If you need pictures, just PM me your email address.

Not shown are the wilwood disc brakes.

Lancaster, PA
72 Fastback, Restomod
65 Coupe, Restomod

Follow my build on Facebook @ 1972 Mustang Coyote Fastback
I like the build so far. Nice suspension and I can't wait to see that Coyote motor in her!

<img src="http://www.7173mustangs.com/gallery/1_12_09_14_10_32_45.png" />

- Nik
How much is it possible to lower the ride hight in the front and rear whit this suspension kit? And can you run with wider wheels in back and mini tub it, or is this not possible with that sway bar? :-)

Daniel thumb

Pro-Touring 1973 Mustang named ''Creator'' ... Tongue
Under construction!!
Awesome setup. Pictures don't really show it much. But how well did they reinforce the upper coil over mounts and upper link mounts in the rear. Seems the only area that I would really worry about. I ask because the setups I have seen done in the past had issues in the area.
Do you have a thread in the individual project and build section?
I would like to follow yours. Impressive.
Looks nice. Seen and performed a few coilover conversions on Fox Mustangs since they have the modified MacPherson strut front suspension which really sucks in a slalom, but never found a real need for it on a '71-73. The camber angle stays reasonably consistent throughout the suspension travel because of the upper and lower control arm configuration, unlike MacPherson strut arrangements.

1971 Mustang fastback: 10.3:1 C90E 408W hydroller - CDAN4 EEC-V w/EDIS8, girdled, lowered and caged
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